Start up Operation of Iran's Second Enrichment Facility by Summer

 Tehran, March 10, (Rajanews) – The Start up operation of Iran's Pilot Fuel Enrichment Plant at Fordow by 2011 summer and the installation of two upgraded 164-centrifuge cascades (Cascades 4 and 5) in the R&D area of this nuclear facility in the near future are two important parts of this year February 25, Director General, Yokia Amano report about Iran, titled as "Implementation of the NPT Safeguards agreement and relevant provisions of Security Council resolutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran".

Amano, in his latest report about Iran nuclear issue to the IAEA Board of Governers revealed two important stories which have not been noticed enough in the International Media, yet. These nuclear developments made by Iran, during US- sponsored sanctions against Tehran shows that even unjust international pressures are not able to halt or slow Iran peaceful nuclear activities.

Paragraph 19 of Amano report says that "In September 2009, Iran informed the Agency that it was constructing the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant (FFEP), located near the city of Qom. In its DIQ of 10 October 2009, Iran stated that the purpose of the facility was the production of UF enriched up to 5.0% U-235, and that the facility enriched up to 5.0% U-235, and that the facility was being built to contain 16 cascades, with a total of approximately 3000 centrifuges. September 2010, Iran provided the Agency with a revised DIQ in which it stated that the purpose of 16 FFEP was now to include R&D as well as the production of UF enriched up to 5.0% U-235."

Amano, also reported in Paragraph 21 that "the agency acknowledged FFEP facilities construction continues. Until 2011 February19, no centrifuge entered these facilities. Environmental samples results from FFEP until 2010 February did not show the existence of enriched uranium. Iran declared to the agency in 2011 February 21 that by this summer, will inject the nuclear material to the cascades".

Iran's decision to make a research and development pilot section in Fordow and the injection of nuclear materials to the cascades by 2001 summer are two important stories in paragraph 19 and 21 of IAEA February 25 report. The purpose of this enrichment pilot is the production of UF enriched up to 5.0% U-235UF6.  The establishment of this research and development section in Fordow means that the centrifuge machines will enter FFEP by this summer. Therefore, in addition to Natanz Enrichment Plant, Iran will have a new enrichment plant, safe from any military attack and under IAEA complete supervision.

Paragraph 17 of IAEA report, also includes an important news and adds that" In an updated DIQ for PFEP submitted to the Agency on 19 January 2011, Iran indicated that it would install two new 164-centrifuge cascades (Cascades 4 and 5) in the R&D area. These two cascades, one of which will comprise IR-4 centrifuges and the other IR-2m centrifuges, will be fed with natural UF."

What IAEA reports in Paragraph 17, is the fact that, for the first time, Iran has decided to install its upgraded second and third generation 164-machine centrifuge cascades. The separation ability of these generations of centrifuges is much more than the first generation and their design and hardness is more advanced. It is important to know that this is the last step for the installation of second and third generation centrifuge machines in the industrial enrichment facilities of Natanz. These generations of centrifuges could be used in the industrial enrichment facilities of Natanz in the near future.  These new generations of machines have been tested in tens in the pilot section of Natanz but the number of centrifuges cascades had never reached standard number of164-machine centrifuge cascades in the past.

"Iran's new generation of centrifuges, not only will increase its enrichment speed but also allows it to continue enrichment at a relatively smaller facility," Speaking to Washington Post, Institute for Science and International Security president, David Albright said.


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